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With the child " argue " also should stress skill
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Be good at teaching, fill minute of argue, it is the important step of parental education child. Need to have patience not only with child argue, return the psychological feature that should combine teenager children, choose appropriate method and skill.
· should affirm the child's good qualities adequately
"Several child 10 over- , as award child grow. " give to the child's progress praise and encourage in time, give to the child's fault again on the foundation here correct, such children are recipient the opinion of adult. Can make child generation self-abased only conversely psychology and go against turn over psychology.

The truth that · place tells wants " reasonable "
The path behoove fair and reasonable that tells with the child, cannot believe buccal bullshit, also cannot make excessive demands the child. Believe buccal bullshit, the child won't be convinced. The requirement of adult is beyond the mark and slashing, the child does not do.

· gives the child the chance of averment
When following child argue, adult should give the child the chance of averment. Should clear, averment is not chicanery, it is clear to let the child say the thing say the thing however explain is white. Give the child the chance of averment, the child just is met more understand the truth that you tell, make education gets favorable result.

· should know mood state of the child
With the child reasonable, want to know mood state of the child adequately, it is when its mood is better, have education to its, the child is more recipient. If his argue follows when child mood is low, be won't of be successful.

Origin: Luan makes the same score educational website

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