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How to treat the child to want the thing of others
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Dot often wants the thing of others, the thing that has especially, do parents is very embarrassedly, often scold the child to do not have prospect.
Actually, the thing that the child wants others and have prospect to do not have inevitable connection, the thing that the child wants others is a kind of very common phenomenon, same thing always also feels of others good. This basically is the child lack intellectual experience and curiosity particularly strong be caused by, as child age growth and ken expand, this kind of phenomenon disappeared. But parents can let things drift because of this anything but, the nature that awaits the child is excessive and disappear, want to adopt true attitude and processing measure however. Let things drift and be in charge of so that cross severe metropolis to make the child forms pair of others belongings have desire, see others has what thing ministry to think glom on to, that is feature of case of a kind of masty, can cause crime even.

The child begs to others thing, investigate its reason has the following sides roughly:

1, the thing that wants to place is extraordinary love, do not control oneself have a desire.

2, because parents asks to give to everything the child's,satisfy, the ability that causes child differentiate dispute is poorer, caused him to form the wanted wrong understanding that must give him.

3, because parents is too strict, the thing that gives the child is too little.

Want to overcome this kind of phenomenon of the child, the key depends on guiding correctly.

1, the knowledge that increases the child to concern. Be being fastened through making the child knows the thing in him hand arrived quite still is that appearance in hand, won't change. If the child wants the biscuit of others, have in the home obviously, but he slants those who want others, at this moment, parents does not want too strong, after the thing that accepting others however with oneself the oppose in the home is compared, let child personally taste. Experiencing flavour personally is same, he wanted no longer after.

2, do not squelch and should guide. Suppress can make the child arises to often say " go against turn over psychology " , more conceivable it. Accordingly, when the child wants the thing of others, OK and moderate land reminds him, make he answers recall to once ate to pass or had played this kind of thing, conduce to remove strong demand of the child.

3, prescind force. Sometimes the thing that the child wants others, the home does not have this kind of him thing really, if economic condition allows, agree (accomplish) buy to him. If the condition does not allow, should draw the child's attention to as far as possible somewhere else.

4, try out exchanges a law. Commutative toy or food can satisfy the child's curiosity, still can prevent the child dominate exclusively and have desire generation. If the child wants the toy of others, let him child taking a toy to use the note that consult, he Xiaopeng friend is exchanging friendly manner to play, make both sides is benefited.
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