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With the child to working is not setback education
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Present child is mostly high-fed face dilemma very hard, its provide for oneself ability, get used to ability and viability to be differred quite. The expert appeals present child wants to begin to be about to undertake to its the setback is taught from cheeper, only such, the child health that ability lets live below superior environment develops.
What kind of education is just setback education? A few parents that think to know a setback to teach oneself think, the setback is taught even if criticism, punish a station, do not give have a meal, with the child to work, let child admit defeat wait. Some parents think, of the child be able to bear or endure because the family is caused fondly,defeat power difference is, want to let them eat bit of suffering to be able to solve a problem only so. Actually this is planted forcibly measure not only very difficult become effective, often accentuate of the child go against turn over psychology.

Setback education should be to fight setback education: Make the child has courage to dare to face difficulty, resource is dealt with predicament and capable to solve difficult problem. Setback education wants the disposition feature according to the child, ground of have a definite object in view has effective education, it is harsh criticism anything but, loud invective the toco with severity or with the child to work. (Lei stone)

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