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Admission notice of the university entrance exam will send examinee directly
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College recruit students admits the job to already spread out. It is reported, admission notice of the university entrance exam will send examinee directly this year.
After examinee is admitted by admit school announcement. After admitting classics of new student list to save stamp of examine and verify of recruit students committee, sign and issue admission notice by the college. Press a regulation, college beard will plan to admit examinee list newspaper to do approve via saving wise move, after province wise move does approve, form admit examinee database accordingly, print accordingly admit examinee register, learn the examinee of school and independent institute in run by the local people of undergraduate course administrative levels to admit at the same time, make admit examinee information to affirm a watch, regard examinee as the basis that is admitted formally by colleges and universities, give put on record. College basis does what approve puts on record to admit examinee register to fill in via saving wise move examinee admission notice, send the examinee that be admitted directly.

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