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Wise move is admitted first " volunteer and preferential " hind " the grade is f
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Current, wise move is admitted in casting archives to undertaking, many examinee and examinee parent do how to undertake wise move is admitted to wise move cast archives to care very. As we have learned, the process that deliver file is recruited in wise move in, divide outside having a regulation additionally, every admit batch the first round to deliver file according to " volunteer and preferential " the principle undertakes, going up namely in line examinee, press examinee fill in a form and submit it to the leadership the first volunteer, arrange to small fraction from high component, the scale delivering file that decides independently according to the college is ordinal deliver file.
Reach as to the 2nd round the following deliver file, press " the grade is first " the parallel and volunteer principle that deliver file. In treating group of the examinee that deliver file, arrive from high component small fraction, plan the circumstance of vacancy according to school recruit students, make the same score the order of a referenced and volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership according to examinee, ordinal retrieval this examinee this batch is all and referenced volunteer, put in the colleges and universities of half-baked plan. Parallel reference is volunteer after casting archives to finish, individual school still half-baked recruit students plans, can be in admit control mark line 20 minutes with batch less than arrives from high component small fraction is ordinal, according to do not exceed school vacancy 1 ∶ the scale of 1.2, put in have the examinee record with this volunteer school (first the first volunteer, consult after volunteer) , enroll only outstanding people by the school. In addition, to working through above the program still does not have the recruit students that finish to plan the school of the task, after province wise move does collect to meet, will wait to announce vacancy case to the society through network, media, undertake be askinged for afresh volunteer and admit.

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