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Fujian stage is joint the undergraduate does poineering work groom begin school
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12 days morning, by the province the unit such as labor and social security hall holds " undergraduate of Fujian stage collaboration does poineering work groom oneiromancy project " in begin school of Fujian aricultural college, 12 poineering experts that come from Taiwan are 10 first classes in all 1000 undergraduates are tuitional do poineering work groom course.
This is Fujian stage cooperates first begin an undergraduate to do poineering work groom. According to the plan, this year's graduates of my province college and my province already graduated have not the university of obtain employment is graduate all acceptability groom. Annual will groom 10 thousand universities are graduate, groom percent of pass predicts to achieve 90% above, after serving via doing poineering work, practice of half an year will amount to 30% above into power, drive obtain employment rate to achieve 1: 5. In the enterprise of practice, stabilize those who manage a year of above to will be achieved 50% . The university that did not do poineering work is graduate, repass obtain employment coachs, obtain employment rate can be achieved 75% .
I save a plan to basically be in peasant worker worker, off-duty workers and undergraduate undertake poineering grooming in these groups, in these groups, poineering success rate of the undergraduate is opposite taller.
As we have learned, introduce the do poineering working with the most outstanding Taiwan to groom teachers group undertakes poineering grooming of course of foundation, actual combat the first phase that giving lessons is this project only. Next, the favourable policy that my province works and the branch will publish to do poineering work in the light of the undergraduate related the government such as Wu of trade of social security, classics, industrial and commercial, duty, bank, undertake to them policy solid Wu coachs; Groom later period, fujian stage still begins collaboration agree with poineering project recommends the two sides that the undergraduate does poineering work butt joint activity, the help has annals to come true smoothly at poineering undergraduate do poineering work.

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