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Ministry of Education aids financially impoverished unripe policy to reflect 6 l
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Ministry of Education this year aid financially policy incorporate of 6 large window is in: ⒎ of muching abdicate of C of  of Ba of Gou of Chan of  of  of show off bluff is curtain of establish of Jie hand  occasionally soot of purplish or white patches on the skin of hare of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast of  of Lian of  of  of  of 5 to joke bilges ǜ knocks at pregnant  ? passageway of uniform and enlightened green. The 3rd, ask each schools put forward between career income 4% to 6% use at aiding financially difficult student. The 4th, the Chongzhongzhi that funds difficult student job this year is the difficult student of disaster area again. The 5th, move below the centre of gravity that policy publicizes, mix propagandist work radiate to all cities country, especially area of outlying a mountainous area, library and a pasturing area, do not take dead space. The 6th, strengthen supervise, special inspection, ministry of Education will still open a hotline.
As we have learned, open green channel, ensure the difficult student that is seismic disaster area opens green channel especially. Systematic policy is aided financially in the college in the center, the country is aided learn loan to remain aid financially one of measure basically, ask the agency bank of each colleges and seat is contacted actively, had done aid financially difficult student country to aid learn loan job, should accomplish should borrow borrow. Additional, ministry of Education is special put forward, each colleges want the difficult student of a seismic disaster area, serve as the Chongzhongzhi that aids financially difficult student this year to weigh, after admitting the job to end this year, the circumstance of the domestic difficulty student that each college wants to understand ground of source of student to weigh disaster area for the earthquake in detail in the round, it is difficult that concerned branch is considering to make an earthquake weigh economy of disaster area family the student aids financially policy particularly.
To September 15 Ministry of Education will continue to debut on August 15 this year aid financially a hotline, accept those who aid financially policy to seek advice and each school concerns reflective each district the concerned problem that aids financially policy to be not fulfilled.

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