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Approve examinee fill in a form and submit it to the leadership ahead of schedul
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Undergraduate course approves literary history ahead of schedule this year kind 16 schools need altogether ask for volunteer admit 80, manage is versed in kind of 41 place schools need altogether ask for volunteer admit 226. Opposite last year, it is good last year that ideal situation should compare fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of this batch examinee, what because need,plan through asking for the volunteer recruit students that finish is juniorer than going 72.

This batch still has a few renown school this year (contain national defence to be born) need is passed ask for volunteer admit. The literary history of institute of liberation army foreign language kind major of Chinese language literature is asked for volunteer recruit 1 person, raised the requirement of the word austral Fujian to examinee; Other many renown school if institute of force of armed police of people of university of Zhongshan university, Hua Dongzheng law, China it is certain to have seek volunteer plan.

Because major asks to wait for a reason to examinee body condition, this year literary history kind ask for volunteer admitting the school with most plan is Fujian police academy, 3 major add up to recruit 36 people. Manage is versed in kind ask for volunteer admitting the school with most plan is cavalry project institute, this school admits a plan in my province this year is 34 people, but its 15 major are asked for in all volunteer recruit 27 people, the recruit students of more than 3/4 plans to need to pass ask for volunteer admit.

Besides cavalry project institute, of many military school seek volunteer plan very much also, learn engineering of university of project of courtyard, air force, logistics like armament project engineering courtyard of courtyard, armed police have 10 much people commonly seek volunteer plan.

Artistic kind other undergraduate course is approved also will ask for in 14 days volunteer admit. Music (civil) , art (civil) , music (manage) , art (manage) etc division kind add up to ask for volunteer recruit 95 people. Ask for volunteer admitted school is independent institute and average undergraduate course school mostly, also have Zhejiang university, Xi'an traffic university nevertheless, south open an university to wait for renown school to plan to also need to pass individually ask for volunteer finish admit.

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