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The process is admitted to make public a standard on my province net
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In the process is recruited on the net, examinee electron archives is in freedom to be able to be cast commonly, already delivered file, admit beforehand, already was admitted 4 kinds of condition.  

After the network delivers file, each college downloads information of the examinee that deliver file on this school net, affirmatory beforehand list of enrollees, remove archives student list and ground beforehand, refer province action to do again. Want to record check group to guard a pass at this moment: Examination college is admitted appropriate, the reason that withdraw file is sufficient, deformity of harmonious processing is unripe admit wait for a problem.

According to introducing, give now to list 3 kinds of situations only, college ability withdraws file: Always separate on the low side (1 ∶ 1 . 2 scale gives grade hind 20 % ) ; The lowest that achievement short of anounces major is divided disobedient adjust; The other reason such as check-up does not accord with a requirement. Every examinee that withdraws file can be made clear to withdraw archives account.

Admit after ending, of each college admit a result to will feedback to hire check team through the network, the group that record check checks without by accident hind can undertake typing to admitting a result. Print a new student to admit register by the member that print then in duplicate, send after admitting the job to lead group of authorized affix one's seal, mail register by secretary group concerned school, by the school to admit a new student to write advice note of enter a school of hair new student.

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