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Wuhan City Department of Education promises thorough investigation of the 8 l
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Yesterday (9) days, the education system from the Democratic city council meeting was informed that the work of political popularity of wind this year, eight City Board of Education commitment to the community, including non-service teachers to participate in paid tutor, adhere to the "Sunshine Admissions" , Is strictly prohibited without permission to increase fees and so on. City Board of Education, said the commitment charge: to regulate all types of schools school behavior, multi-channel, multi-form the executive government and public school education school, and consciously accept social supervision. Poor students do work Students do not strive to school due to poverty. Standardized education fees, increasing fees without permission is strictly prohibited to raise fees; strengthen the teaching materials and supplementary materials management, and effectively reduce the heavy academic burden on students and parents of the economy Burden. Commitments, said: adherence to the "Sunshine enrollment", and strive to admissions policies, enrollment plan, enrollment information, advice and complaint channels open and try to do all kinds of school enrollment at all levels of open, fair and just. Strengthen the division German teaching style and construction. Non-service teachers to participate in paid tutoring and training institutions to participate in social activities, paid training, such as prohibiting public elementary and secondary resources for primary and secondary school subjects paid training activities. Against the body of teachers to students Penalty and corporal punishment in disguised form, promote communication between teachers and parents of normal and friendly ties.
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