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Moral assessment of Fujian Province introduced a new approach introduced limit
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Should teachers tutoring students in charge? School teachers, take it to the school to make money? Recent introduction of the "Fujian Teachers Professional Ethics Examination (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), which should be limited. According to the measures, teachers are not responsible for teaching, class teaching of the content is not taught, left to be paid after-school tutoring for personal gain; to obtain benefits for the purpose of recommendation, suggesting that students receive tutoring paid training institutions or to community learning and training a; days without approval of social training institutions in the school part-time, puts in a lot, as long as the guilty one, ethics examination and other times to be determined to be ineligible. "Fujian Teachers Professional Ethics Examination (Trial)", there are 20 standardized assessment ban will play in the ethics of "one vote veto" role. Rejected by a vote of the teachers had about the position can not be promoted to the rank, but also the withholding of pay for performance, if necessary, to be transferred Kong, serious cases, revocation of teacher qualifications directly, dismissed. The ban was dubbed the teacher read the head of the 20 "magic." The hearts of their teachers how the waves thrown up? Non-working days for part-time teacher? Prohibition in section 20 2,3,4 (ie, the three mentioned above), on paid part-time tutor and put forward restrictions. Reporter noted that "measures" in reference to these two acts, compared with the previous wording of a subtle change. Paid Family premise that "the school does not teach the content of the lecture, left to be paid after-school tutoring for personal gain," "to obtain benefits for the purpose of recommendation, suggesting that students receive," the premise of part-time as a "day without approval" . "I think part of this problem depends on the individual's ability. Have the ability to connect, if not impact on teaching." Chen Jie, Xiamen City's school teachers admitted that this provision literally, it seems understandable that a non-working part-time unrestricted. Why not be working after school for additional compensation? Secondary and primary school teachers the biggest difference is not imprisoned, the ban mentioned in the "working time" will become secondary school teachers contests word. "Is it that they do not affect the normal lesson preparation and class to not working time?" Third-class Chiu said that, strictly speaking, some say the ban in the rarely encountered in the real world, such as "content is not taught in school that speaking, left to be paid after-school tutoring, "is almost impossible. "After all, in the face of a class, and if they do not speak the whole class how to ensure achievement? The total can not be pulled home remedial class. Performance is a problem, the school will certainly find a teacher talk, which the teacher would do such a thing? Tutor only to individual students, differences in learning ability of students is the fact that if teachers use the extra time after school counseling, paid work, why not get their due reward it? " Teachers, parents very happy Paid Family "I think in the non-working or part-time tutor is one thing, they do not affect his teaching, access to labor income it should be. Equality before the law, teachers are no exception." A high school teacher said, literally Look, "methods" and not under the Paid Family Weekend in the ban, that is seriously taking into account the fact that individual labor is not illegal. Surprisingly, the original thought that parents would be paid tutor how many disgruntled, but reporters after the conversation with some parents found that they paid more acceptable than the teacher tutor. "How could the parents not? Are the parents who raised the most, because children with poor academic results will be anxious to find someone better to find the class teacher, they are more aware of their children, this is normal, no need to ban ah." One parents of primary school students to be frank. A third-year girl's mother said her daughter had to learn, ask subject teachers to give her daughter as a tutor, pay a fee of course, in her view, has nothing to do with good or bad morality. Teacher saliva "We can just forget it for the students" "Most of these prohibitions is the basic principle, as long as the law-abiding teachers can identify, but some issues will be controversial." Chen Jie, Xiamen City, where the teacher's school, teachers have been organized to learn the "way." Chen Jie said the detailed requirements of the teacher now, like irony, sarcasm students the definition of what is specific to the word can not be used, what words can not say that the point, such as "someone else will, why not" can not say. "Some students are spoiled, the language will have a stimulating and sometimes stimulating, but the requirement we are very reluctant to this." "Since in this industry, we must have morality. I think the most fundamental responsibility is to students. Teachers that have their own life and self-esteem, such a provision so that teachers feel that they are selling things, parents and students is 'God' . "In third grade teacher as a teacher's Zhu said the future if a student or parent and then flowers or small gift, she had to consider closing a dare. "Front-line teachers, primary teachers is arduous, so think outside the box again, so that teachers worry about this, afraid of that. Forget it altogether for the students!" One teacher said emotionally. Have hard evidence of a veto Whether disobedience, who is in charge, how to grasp scale? "Measures" after the introduction of these issues are of concern to teachers. A veto for the ban, have hard evidence that Chen Jie. Parents had been anonymous complaints, said Chen Jie, fortunately was not gullible principal argument of any party, visited by half a year before survey also her innocence. "So, 'one-vote veto' is not easy to undergo specific investigation process right." A high school teacher of the "Measures" in the "closed without authorization, transfer courses, or asked people to substitute" the article said that objection, he thought sometimes experience a temporary emergency, instructions would be wrong if waiting for a leadership class, should be allowed to let other substitute teachers, and be reported to the school.
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