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Beijing Family Education Week theme theme activities will be held 10
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This morning, "and the children grow - 2010 Beijing Family Education Week theme," Science and Technology Museum in China, opening, from now until 25 month period will be carried out including the Forum, the main movie, weekend Family Camp, etc The 10 themed events. The event is organized by Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, City Board of Education, Capital Spiritual Civilization Office, the Youth League and other units jointly, "and the children grow together" is the theme of the event, to lead the majority of parents with a scientific knowledge of family education Guide the child, the child can grow up to enrich the process of upgrading themselves. Family Education, held in the morning peak in the forum, Chinese and foreign experts in family education and family education on the development trend of the city and measures to promote home-school cooperation in the systematic, institutional building and the new "viscous sexuality
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