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Zixing full implementation of the "Educational Strong City" solve "the amount
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"So more than 70 students in our class, had to sidle over and out of seats in class the teacher but also with speakers, or like me sitting in the back of the students do not hear; Now my partner is only 40, more spacious classrooms. "December 2, Hunan Zixing two students completed primary one surnamed Wang told reporters. This is the Zixing solve the problem in the city the amount of large classes after school welcome change. In recent years, Zixing full implementation of the "education Strong City" strategy, the education into the city's overall economic and social development planning. Municipal Standing Committee on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to education, and to solve the "large class amount" question facing the agenda. Chenzhou Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Li Zixing comment Zixing Committee, Mayor Fang Nanling and four people in charge of education, leadership and organization personnel has in-depth survey of all city schools, has held the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, education experts , parents of students in various aspects of the forum and extensive comments. The city set up a special team, delegate meetings, determine the responsibility of the school the school, the schools, in-depth students, parents, in-depth research, first hand, decided to implement the "241" and "431" plan, solve the city schools, "the amount of large classes" problem. "241" plan: "the two projects," the first city to buy financial investment 39 million yuan, Chenzhou Teacher Fan Dongjiang the original campus and idle assets, the second is to invest 27.6 million yuan built the East River Middle School, and set aside 500 places; "Four the relocation, "the first three in the Zixing Chenzhou Teacher Fan Dongjiang moved to the original campus, the second is to move to the small city of two former City finished third in the campus, the three cities is to move to the original City Teachers Training College campus for two, four is to Department of Education moved to the teacher training schools under one roof, to achieve "integration of research and training"; "set aside a piece of land" for the primary development zone reserved Lo Wai, dozens of acres of land. "431" plan: "remove the four schools," complete withdrawal six small, Tin Sam Village is small, city school to teacher training schools and kindergartens attached to primary city; "merger of three schools," the first to complete a small city into six City, three complete primary, and second, the Tin Sam Village and into the Second City completed a small, third is the city of a complete small and City Teachers Training school to merge to solve the shortage of school places issue; "built a kindergarten", the new Municipal Yang An Nursery to ensure high-quality pre-school education in the city. Two years, through scientific planning and adjustment of Zixing City school layout, new primary school places in 2500, 2,000 junior high school degree. Urban is equivalent to 2 years 3 new schools, an increase of 100 classes, increase student capacity of 4,500 people, "the amount of large classes," completely resolved.
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