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Zhejiang Normal "Love tutor": school children no longer "homeless"
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"Teacher, how to do this subject?" "Teacher, my written work, help me check." Every school hours, the streets in the city of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province Yang Siling community created "love half past four" in on the bustling, less than 50 square meters in the room, buried more than 30 children or serious homework, or seriously listening to "teacher" explains counseling. Be called the children of Zhejiang Normal University teacher corps volunteers "Love tutor group" of young volunteers. Yang Siling community in this "love half past four", the young volunteers who have insist on a full 8 years. School children, the parents can not work can children go, to go home can ease homework, the parents of many working people are the most caring, working families is the most disturbing thing. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the education sector, primary school hours in school each day not more than 6 hours, school in the afternoon from 4 to 4:30 or so after school, and parents will have to 5:30 or 6:00 to go home. Director Wanggen Ying Yang Siling neighborhood committee, said: "This one and a half hour of 'vacuum', so many parents a headache." To solve the problem of parents, community volunteer corps cooperation with the Zhejiang Normal University, community sites, teacher student volunteers as counselors, built a "love half past four," a free for children to learn, places of entertainment until the parents came to pick. Volunteer small facilities that their job is job counseling to the children until the last child picked up by their parents so far. "Love tutor group" members are all from the Zhejiang Normal University College of outstanding volunteers, since its inception 8 years, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, they will be on time in the community, "Love half past four", to children counseling homework, chat, learn, play games, do their "intimate sister", "intimate brother." "The children here after school in reading, homework, and counseling students homework." Sir Ellis Kadoorie Primary 2 students Liu Ling's mother said he is now an easy, can be secure in work, work then take the child home, much less to worry about. To enrich children's knowledge and improve their interest in learning, Zhejiang Normal University Corps volunteers are also invited foreign teachers from the United States for the community to bring the children authentic American English. During the Olympic Games in Beijing, volunteers and children to gather cans, making the Olympic rings, Olympic knowledge and learning. Support in schools, they also introduced a variety of creative classroom, the science instruments to a variety of novelty into the classroom, the children bring happiness. A child named Wang, said that he very much like to come here to do the work, experience will not do the subject, the teacher will teach us seriously, "the teacher will be organized for the holidays some interesting knowledge contest, so that participating students can get a little gift, an increase of our knowledge. " "The work here feel special sense of accomplishment, together with the children very happy." Wang Yiwen is the Zhejiang Normal University freshman English major. She said that as a normal university student, the future is likely to embark on teacher positions. In "Love half past four" do guidance teachers, both a very meaningful, but also for their ability and exercise. Wang Heng, Zhejiang Normal University, said the Communist Youth League secretary, volunteer service is access to community college students an effective way to bring quality services for the community, to provide assistance, but also to hone their own good, for their accumulated wealth social experience. Today, Zhejiang Normal volunteers active in the presence of multiple communities, Jinhua City, "Love tutor" who from the first few hundred people development to the present. To ensure the quality of counseling, Zhejiang Normal University and community volunteers corps also agreed, for the children one on one with tutors.
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