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6 kinds of ability are far from education child psychological disease
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1. understands oneself characteristic, education ego knows capacity

The child often does not understand his good qualities and demerit, do not know to oneself individual character and characteristic, can do to oneself it suit what to do is not what, clear to suit what to do, do not know for certain to the target in the future. The parent and teacher are below most circumstance let do what to do, more the weakness that some children just see him, alleged to oneself " demerit " produce self-abased psychology.

If to oneself proper understanding mixes neither one to be evaluated objectively, when encountering setback and competition, produce psychological unbalance easily. Accordingly, want to let them understand everybody has advantage and inadequacy on the body, the advantage ability that sees oneself only develops hopeful and perfect individual character. Although be opposite for adult, correctly understanding ego also is not easy thing, so, want to know objective him evaluation above all, have the life cause that makes clear objectively, not exacting oneself go doing impracticable business, such ability are in happy mood successive, health grows.  
2. learns to listen attentively to and be conveyed, develop ability of good and human association

Listen attentively to other talk and opinion seriously, use appropriate language to communicate and communicate an idea with other, this kind " listen " and " say " the important segment that skill is human association.

When a few children often are communicating with the person, carelessly the speech of other or show impatient with ignore, make the person feels do not respect another person, repellent other; Some children are not willing to tell his one's innermost thoughts and feelings, the manner of natural openness is lacked when conveying his, hampered the communication with the person, the thing that has joy cannot be shared with other, the thing that has trouble cannot partake with other. Such, as a result of long-term inexorable come, say not to go out, close oneself easily in an one's own little world, cause act independently, dissocial anguish or obstinate and extreme become undesirable person.

Adult should help them apply utterance and blame utterance appropriately when interacting with the person to undertake ego is conveyed, convey oneself viewpoint, desire and demand, avoid to misunderstand and suspicious, form good human relationship, associate with arrives more friends, also make they are known should adopt to the person get along well, friendly treat, self-denying the manner that lets a person, give drifting issue and contradiction to human communicating, adopt good-tempered, fair, justifiable geniculate to handle way. Esteem other, believe other, in each other support and be encouraged of person and person health grows.

3. Understand a sentiment, education alleviates the ability of pressure

Children adolescent because inadequacy of experience of life, bear ability is limited wait for a reason, hold hard sometimes to oneself mood, won't be adjusted possibly when encountering difficulty and contradiction and dominate oneself sentiment, create a lot of trouble and conflict, and the foundation that long-term mood depression is mental disease more. Accordingly, should foster them to learn to alleviate mental pressure, the issue that depresses to a few moods especially, want education to they are known and learn drain and loosen, such ability maintain psychological balance and good state of mind, get from the mood not only happy, and capable when encountering difficulty to make sober processing.
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