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Family education little test
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Task 1: "Good-tempered " everything what accept the child, include defect and mistake.

Exam: If child recapture is counted one piece,learn exam steamed roll, 100 problems are above, the child is done was opposite 90 fewer perhaps.

Reply: You are to be sure the child becomes 90 right problems above all, still start to talk to ask " how many does classmate of 100 minutes have? " " are you ranked on the class the a fewth? " photograph of evil perhaps language sentence: "Had not seen you are so stupid! "Had not seen you are so stupid!!

Judge roll: The parent that can answer the first kind of way is afraid little and little, although you and I know,the first kind is right answer.

So the 2nd kind, what consequence does the 3rd kind of answer have? Gave serious blow to the child's proper pride and self-confident heart. You and I know, if somebody is reminding his defect in side side every day, time grew, it is " the setback takes exercise " , we also bear not to rise, more what is more,the rather that the child.

So, to the defect defect that the child lives and appears on study, the parent should have thought preparation and good-tempered heart. The part that should be sure the child is good above all (the child with again much question also has outstanding character) , point out again next and help them correct skimpy that share, let the child understand some things should be not withheld, and he can have changed completely also.

Task 2: Supportive child " love works " idea, not be to monopolize replace.

Exam: After the child gets up or eating a meal, fold a quilt, clear away bowl chopsticks to the kitchen, perhaps brush brush a table to sweep sweep the floor, wash the sock that washs oneself, do not affect study generally speaking.

Reply: You are to praise him himself to fold a quilt, wash a bowl, wash a sock, still say " be being put, go quickly seeing a book write line of business " , or " also work bad, be equal to me to increase chaos " ?

Judge roll: Most parent can choose the 2nd kind of answer. Because parents say: "Child learning is not originally relaxed, still let them what chore do? Breakfast writes exercise breakfast to sleep. " " also brush a table sordid, wash a bowl to splash one ground water, sweep the floor to still get me to be swept again, still be myself works! Still be myself works!!

Packets the parent is big are pulled greatly, be equal to the right that privative child works. Time grew, the child feels to regard a family as, the obligation that uses up is delicious, the right that place enjoys is lazy do. To in those days, we cannot blame child what, because of all defect -- dependence is strong, start work ability difference, not conscientious, did not advocate when anything crops up -- it is us to him be used to falls.

So, to the child's first labor desire, the parent must support with the attitude that encourage and appreciates. Although the child works badly at the beginning (everybody works badly at the beginning) , but after also should working in him, give encourage, share the pleasure of labor together with the child. Below the premise that the child gets psychology is satisfied, point out the place of a few inadequacy, the child can do better more.
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