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The high school student handles a few proposal of human relation
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In psychological advisory process, the high school student cares most with respect to one of problems the processing that is human relation. Good human relationship can make the high school student lives happier, spirit more hearten, body is more healthy. But, want to handle very human relation, only by subjective enthusiasm it is insufficient, even the strategy with particular stress, method. I talk to everybody below.

One, do not pay blindly in association process.

Some classmates hand in past in sequential friend, classmate, often pay a lot of, the outcome that can change however things go contrary to one's wishes, friend

Some moment will be inexplicable cool aloof even oneself, this pair gives fellow student of a lot of emotive for, can feel very inequitable, psychology is very lopsided, think the friend is insufficient meaning, oneself are too foolish. Actually, also not be the friend betrays you of purpose, there is a kind of society to exchange a principle on psychology, people always hopes to get not less than paying, if pay over get, people mentally is met lopsided, if get over pay, the psychology of people also is met lopsided. To maintain the relation balance that pay and gets, people always should know favour graph to declare. If your pay too much, make the person feels cannot redound or when doing not have opportunity redound, he can be remorsed to feel by a kind of ashamed be enveloped, create a kind of aeriform pressure, this kind of pressure can be brought about be chosen by the one party of benefaction cool or aloof.

2, active dealings, must not self-abased shrink back.

Even if the most dissocial person that lives in collective, also long to interact with the person in their heart, because the setback is crossed before on feeling,they do not interact actively often is, now not dare rushed and active interact with the person, or because certain reason itself is very self-abased, fear the understanding of when it's convenient to others and support, be forced to decide him lock in a little corner, bear alone torment alone.

The person cannot interact actively, main reason is self-confidence is lacked in association process. Be about to establish oneself self-confident heart above all so, ought to not be temporarily setback and lose the faith to oneself, and should find oneself merit, give oneself the opinion of appropriate.

Anybody cannot expect friendship to search come to come, no matter you do not go to everything,strive for, also do not accomplish very easily, friendship also is such.

3, the collective topic that observes everybody and interest.

The personality of everybody is distinct, interest is different also, but you should blend in this society, should search everybody's collective topic, take an active part in go in, discuss jointly.

4, the person that seeks viewpoint of value to be close to relatively in interacting with everybody becomes a good friend.
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