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Education of mental health of middle and primary school develops a tendency
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1999 the State Council of Central Committee of Communist Party of China " the decision that teachs about deepening educational policy to boost quality in the round " point out clearly " the mental health education that strengthens a student, develop the drive that the student struggles gritty volition, difficultly, the ability that enhances adolescent to get used to a society to live " ; In January 2001 the Central Committee of Communist Party of China " work about suiting to new condition is strengthened further and improve moral education of middle and primary school " with of the same age in June the State Council " the decision that teachs reform and evolution about the foundation " raised similar requirement; Ministry of Education allotted for this " a certain number of opinions that teach about strengthening mental health of middle and primary school " (99 religion base 13 files) and " mental health of middle and primary school teachs directive compendium " (2002 religion base 14 files) , the guiding ideology that teachs with respect to mental health of middle and primary school, basic principle, target and task, teach content and way method, and the organization is carried out, the issue that launchs mental health education to should notice currently put forward to make clear a requirement, enjoin concerned province city and school begin an experiment to study the work, these show the country values education of mental health of middle and primary school more and more.
At present major province city established mental health of middle and primary school to teach leader group, and expert guidance group, the program that mental health of responsible middle and primary school instructs scientific research, directive, harmonious, examination and groom the job. How did the educational service that visits town each also begin mental health education to make specific provision and guidance to middle and primary school, begin smoothly for what mental health of middle and primary school teachs offer strong support and essential condition. Various and of all kinds school realized the value that mental health teachs adequately also, teach it as quality new growing point, began multiform mental health education, be like " 5 one project " (an an an a tab, mailbox, environment, phone and a consulting room) , offer course of mental health activity, hold special subject chair, build psychology to seek advice room, open psychology hot line, create mentality mailbox, the psychological quality that still notices to begin all sorts of activities to foster student health and enhance power of persons qualified to teach with all sorts of means, encourage a teacher to accept groom, master mental health knowledge and current situation actively, will advance the school with this each job. Groom to relevant persons qualified to teach the job, a lot of provinces, city, municipality takes seriously very much, if hold,groom class, constituent expert is made up write a teacher to groom with the book, attend class of course of graduate student of mental health major, make middle and primary school hold two or more posts concurrently only pedagogic qualification cognizance method. These important step, the health that effectively promoted mental health of middle and primary school to teach develops. Main show is in the development trend that mental health of current middle and primary school teachs the following respects:
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