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The Fujian Province took an examination of rehearsal to use officeholder announc
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Save the need of officeholder of various office take sb on the staff to satisfy me, basis " officeholder of People's Republic of China law " and " officeholder employ sets (try out) " concerned regulation, hall of human affairs of ministry of organization of provincial Party committee of Fujian of the Communist Party of China, Fujian Province (officeholder of province of the following abbreviation is in charge of a branch) carry out the organization exam of officeholder of Fujian Province employ worked December 2008. Be as follows concerned item announcement now:

One, admit by examination position

This second admit by examination position visits office of various Chinese Communist for me, mechanism of National People's Congress, executive authority, mechanism of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, adjudgement mechanism, procuratorial work mechanism, the democratic party closes with business association machine, and consult the officeholder that the office that officeholder law runs and institution hold the position of chairman section member to be not leadership post below and staff member. Complete province plans employ in all 1506. Mechanism of each action collection admits by examination specificly the requirement such as condition of category of number, position, exam, qualification, detailed sees action collection body " admit by examination general rules " . " admit by examination general rules " will record at taking an exam in Fujian Province officeholder on December 31, 2007 with the website (Http:// ) (afore-mentioned websites of the following abbreviation) announce, city, county (area) " admit by examination general rules " still will pass local website or news media to announce.

2, enter oneself for an examination condition

(one) have citizenship of People's Republic of China;

(2) support constitution of People's Republic of China;

(3) have good behavior;

(4) have the body requirement that fulfils obligation normally;

(5) above of 18 one full year of life, 35 one full year of life are the following (came on December 21, 1972 be born during December 21, 1989) , special position sets what have special demand to age condition according to concerned policy, in order to provoke collection office " admit by examination general rules " the age that announce asks to be accurate;

(6) have the literacy rate that accords with position requirement and working capacity, enter oneself for an examination the record of formal schooling of personnel and relevant certificate must be obtained before July 31, 2008;

(7) provincial source of student reads in the college inside the Fujian Province this year's graduates and Fujian Province source of student read in provincial college 2008 2008 this year's graduates, all regard this province as to enter oneself for an examination personnel;
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