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Compose builds the service system of scientific system, build the interior home
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My school insists to let each students have development, let each students experience a success, let every student be full of the Yo person concept of ideal pursuit, make the individual character of each student and ability get the greatest progress. The school faces up to the difference that the student gets on in study foundation, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, classification is advanced, make every student enjoys successful gratification.
Teach a concept in this kind drive below, my school the trial that from last centuries 90 time began mental health to teach and exploration, with " need of psychology of attention teachers and students, offer high grade science to serve " for the tenet, face entire school student, teacher and parent, advance school mental health to teach the job in the round.
The school begins mental health education, must combine the characteristic of own school, solve above all why to begin mental health education, want to achieve what result, use the issue such as what kind of means and way. On sober thinking and the foundation that carry out actively, we gradually clear oneself concept and train of thought:
Education of  mental health is a kind of service, must pay close attention to the need that reachs a teacher at the student, that is to say the career that mental health education is need of a teachers and students, it is the education that suits a student, also be to do well further the education that suits a student.
 pays close attention to at collectivity, it is a target with expansibility, the healthy progress of psychology of stimulative teachers and students and grow. For instance, we emphasize wanting to call the student's underlying strength that grow, the ego that promotes them grows; Need help teachs division him understanding occupational value, solve the problem with listless profession; Need changes the breeding way of parent impropriety, increase close child communicate.
 does not ignore the student's individual difference, those who pay attention to exceptional student coach with seek advice, effectively help student realizes psychological self-help. In seek advice, we implement the idea that psychology grows, that is to say problem, bemused itself also is good luck that the student grows, be good at grasping this opportunity, help what the student realizes psychology grow, the experience surmounts the successful feeling of ego.
On the foundation of these basic idea, such we carrying out in specific work:
One, the psychological need that pays close attention to teachers and students, perfect the system of how-to, service that mental health teachs
Take student psychology seriously of the problem with each passing day as people, how study the specific content that psychology teachs and way according to psychological characteristic of the student, the specific aim that improves education and actual effect sex become the problem that solves urgently. In exploration, our aggrandizement serves consciousness, to mental health education makes new functional fixed position.
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