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Exam of order and degree of computer of college of good about doing complete in
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About the college:
Basis " the announcement that studies Wu work about saving college computer order and degree to take an exam completely in June 2008 " (Fujian teaching does tall [2008] 11) requirement, decision on June 7, 2008 (on Saturday) hold computer of complete province college to apply horizontal grade to take an exam. It is the organization that becomes good exam further to work, inform concerned item as follows now:

One, ask each college to sent recommendation of this school of two comrades going along with to reach center of exam of order and degree of computer of college of Fuzhou university Fujian Province on June 4 (address: Fuzhou industry road inside former maths of 523 Fuzhou university and computer institute) the examination paper that get and exam system dish.

2, each college keeps secret by examination paper please requirement, school Dean's office is deposited namely after examination paper is gotten inside confidential box, strengthen management strictly, ensure safe, avoid examination questions of the leak before taking an examination of or examination paper.

3, the floorwalker that each college reports must not change at will, if have special case,my hall must declare to teach high before June 2 place agree. Contact: Xu Yufeng, phone: 0591 - 87091262.

4, concern a college to duplicate this announcement please a floorwalker that expedites to this school. Floorwalker be sure to on June 7 in the morning 8:00 before those who reach an arrangement is perambulatory check an area (namely each college Dean's office) report for duty, the reception that each college wants to do good floorwalker works, and that day 8:00 before the floorwalker that studies the group district officer toward this school reachs the designated position the circumstance cables center of exam of order and degree of province college computer. Connect a telephone call: 0591, 87892187.

5, after the exam ends, each college is sure to change exam achievement to reclaim without paper at be being finished before June 9, and quarter collection becomes CD in duplicate, record sheet of watch of report of along with examination paper, be in charge of an examination, floorwalker, be short of study list summary table and exam system dish, on June 10 order and degree of computer of college of service Fujian Province takes an exam center.

The legitimate rights and interests of the earnest sex to safeguard an exam and extensive candidate for an entrance examination, floorwalker, each take an examination of bit of staff member to must hold to a principle, abide by working discipline, report for duty on time, punctual mount guard, fulfil obligation seriously, discover the problem appears in the newspaper in time.

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