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Wise move is executed 5 rounds deliver file the first round " volunteer and pref
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This year, I save a college to admit a process to execute minute of batch, cent annulus second deliver file, general every batch is executed 5 rounds deliver file. The first round deliver file according to " volunteer and preferential " the principle undertakes, going up namely in line examinee, press examinee fill in a form and submit it to the leadership the first volunteer, arrange to small fraction from high component, the scale delivering file that decides independently according to the college is ordinal send electronic record, among them music, art, sports kind professional the first round cast archives to take an exam to be achieved with professional exam achievement to culture approve the examinee that admits control mark line together, one-time put an electron on archives to the first volunteer school, admit a principle to enroll only outstanding people by what announce to the society by the school.

The 2nd round cast archives to press " the grade is first " parallel and volunteer principle, cast in the first round in archives was not admitted and treating group of the examinee that deliver file, arrive from high component small fraction is ordinal the reference that retrieves examinee is volunteer (by order of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership) , the circumstance that plans vacancy according to school recruit students gives complemental deliver file. If fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of this examinee place consults volunteer college all does not have vacancy, do not give deliver file. The 2nd round after delivering file, the school source of student of major vacancy can complemental, minority fails the school of complemental source of student continues to await scroll to deliver file.

The 2nd round after delivering file, be opposite still the school that half-baked recruit students plans executes scroll to deliver file, the examinee that bisect did not give grade on several lines or withdraws file namely times to small fraction from high component search its are referenced and volunteer deliver file. After delivering file through scroll, a few school still cannot finish recruit students to plan, can be in admit below control mark line 20 minutes of less than with batch, according to do not exceed school vacancy 1 ∶ the scale of 1.2, press volunteer and ordinal search to have fill in a form and submit it to the leadership to small fraction from high component the examinee with volunteer school of plan of half-baked recruit students, according to first the first volunteer hind referenced and volunteer order is admitted. Through falling cent hind still cannot finish the school that recruit students plans, by the province wise move does collect hind to announce vacancy case to the society through network, media, undertake be askinged for afresh volunteer and admit.
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