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[Family education of fontal city summer vacation] invite applications for a job
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Student number: FZ072301

Student full name: Old student

Student sexual distinction: Male

School year: First 3 years

Coach course: English

Teacher number: 1 person

Schooltime: The teacher comes, a week 7.

Release time: On July 23, 2008

Domestic address: Storehouse of city logical sequence is installed to press down south fontal state city (with Anxi boundary)

Pay: Interview (need to try teach)

Teacher requirement: Teacher must conscientious with patience, have experience of rich family education, had better be the teacher of English major, teacher of male and female is not restricted.

If you want to do the teacher of this student to ask you,pass the following means to contact us

Contact: Mr. Su

Family education hot line: 0591-83253535

Advisory mailbox:

Complain mailbox:

Website network address:

Advisory Q Q: 953530825 (a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success: Such-and-such school is such-and-such some name)

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