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[Fuzhou family education] invite applications for a job 3 grade language counts
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Student number: FZ092102

Student full name: Tall student

Student sexual distinction: Male

School year: Elementary school 3 grade

Coach course: Chinese, maths, English

Teacher number: 1 person

Schooltime: The teacher comes, a week 5.

Release time: On September 21, 2008

Domestic address: Near park of hot spring of area of drum-tower of the Fuzhou City

Pay: Interview (need to try teach)

Teacher requirement: Teacher must conscientious with patience, have the on-the-job schoolmistress of experience of rich family education.

If you want to do the teacher of this student to ask you,pass the following means to contact us

Contact: Mr. Su

Family education hot line: 0591-83253535

Advisory mailbox:

Complain mailbox:

Website network address:

Advisory Q Q: 953530825 (a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success: Such-and-such school is such-and-such some name)

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