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If parents should say least of all
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Teach thing not simple of the child, here also does not say the problem with too profound what, but the father mother that some mistakes have 99% at least has made, this can be gotten say with you, have a few words, father mother often says, but also should say least of all!
Beat you dead

Very unfortunate, still parents of quite a few comes with the method that beat and scold nowadays certainly child. When beating and scold the child, furious to extremely parents often still says a such words: "Beat you dead! "Beat you dead!!

"Beat you dead " this kind of empty word, can reduce parental authority only, won't have any practical effects. When because become him,saying this word, show he also is not taken again give what tweak. Because this says to is merely " boast " , cannot cash at all (parents also does not prepare to cash) , the child can not suspend his activity because of this.

Sometimes we discover the child makes us angrier and angrier, till blame penalty them cannot. They all behavior make us want to beat them really, this kind of defiant action is their purpose, if we beat them really, medium their stratagem, help child achieved their revengeful goal. Child within says, although you hit me ached, but you are angry, I feel contented.

The parents that beats and scold the child is the most incompetent parents. If you do not like to beat and scold the child, just temporarily furious hard enduring, so beat and scold will proclaim your failure. If you like to beat and scold the child namely, so the patient that you need to treat namely.

He has the trouble of an enuresis

A mother follows person chat, the word is carried when pulling child body to go up, "The trouble that he has an enuresis... " the word just was exported, aside little boy be ashamed became red face, show the expression of resentment.

Enuresis blemish of this kind of physiology, belong to " sth which it would be awkward to disclose " , the child is particularly sensitive to this, parents ought not to allude to other usually. The word of this mother, perhaps be to be in what speak inadvertently, but the child thinks the mother is in by accident however what give him in public is ugly.

Child enuresis, because be in charge of controlling the nerve of micturition in brain,be have not development is comprehensive, grow nature to be able to disappear as the age usually. Although this matter does not calculate what big mistake, but psychological burden of the child is very heavy however, he can think him inferior to others, be " disabled person " , produce serious self-abased psychology, lack the courage that interacts with the person. So if child enuresis, parents need not make a fuss of, it is OK to need to wash a sheet frequently only. Need to remember well at the same time: Do not have any one's words that grouse to the child, more not this matter everywhere advocate. You protected the child's proper pride, the child meets those who appreciate you all one's life.
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