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How to get tall cent- - educational expert talks English of the university entra
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Swallow Zhao Metropolis Daily

The English of the university entrance exam this year has what new trend, how to prepare for war to you just can gain tall cent? The 21 centuries language that held a few days ago learns senior expert forum to go up with scene teaching, the English that comes from the famous institution of higher learning such as university of Beijing foreign language, Tsinghua university, Beijing University teachs an expert to divulge, english of the university entrance exam handles the whole of more outstanding language the function this year, "Scene " the proportion of check is increased further. All problems be not being had to written expression from audition is not the check that has the individual event such as vocabulary, grammar in words condition.

Expert analysis says, in last few years individual event of English of the university entrance exam chooses is 15 problems commonly, having 10 problems among them is direct in words condition
Check has in, only 5 are inscribed or sentential structure is analysed or acceptation differentiate and analyse, even if simple structure and problem of differentiate and analyse also include particular language area. So the teacher is posing a problem at ordinary times, when examinee is being reviewed should this scale configures comply with, " words condition " the problem is put in dominant position. Of English of the university entrance exam be over form fill a vacancy basically is collocation of check acceptation term, also be undertake in condition of very close discourse, words, already the language level of check student, examine the capacity that uses a language analysis, judgement, integratedly again, up and down sentence, the whole even gist carelessness between fluctuation Duan Zhi is close together and relevant, "Scene " interest is very strong. Although included various topics,read understanding, but the proportion that all previous the university entrance exam reads problem detail to occupy is the largest, so-called details is words condition, scene actually. In audition respect, the information of output undertakes completely in words condition. And written expression, it is scene composition commonly, the scene of open perhaps mode writes a composition, the student gives larger thinking space on certain scene foundation, the purpose is the innovation ability that develops a student.

The expert reminds extensive candidate for an entrance examination, should discard thoroughly the sort of mechanical memorizing word, accept sth uncritically is syntactic in the past " have a headache foot of painful medical service of cure head base " type revises a method, hold English from whole, with ability rise as the cornerstone that should try, catch high component hard otherwise. (Civil / Cheng Fujun)

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