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Wuhan name division comments on examination paper of Chinese of the university e
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Comment on: China division one attached middle school is high division of Yang Wen of pedagogic Zhou Wentao

The examination paper of Chinese of the university entrance exam this year comes from whole say, difficulty should is more than last year, main show is in classical Chinese article and composition two respects, these two content occupies the 50% above that always divide about.

Chinese sets 7 big problems in all this year, have 26 little problems, branch 12 pages. Outside dividing a composition, concrete analysis is as follows:

- ABC respect

This one big problem is overall for simpler, 1-5 little problem and agree basically last year, reduced the 3rd little problem last year, (Explanatory term is inscribed) the title that added a concerned sentence newly () of the 6th little problem, language of main check student is clear. With compared last year, this should be examinee together notch problem.

- article of science and technology is read

Difficulty about with consistent last year. What took an examination of last year is sanded dust storm, taking an examination of article of science and technology to read this year is " greenhouse effect " , the information in wanting examinee to notice to collect data only, quite information, reasonable conclude, can notch.

- classical Chinese article is read

Literal understanding is opposite last year some easier. Too much obstacle was not created on the character, examinee notchs more easily commonly. But the 4th little problem is comprised by 8 sentences, the difficulty that has judging to article meaning increases slightly, when we took an exam last year, be 6 sentences cent is quadruplet only (every sentence has 3) , and for 8 sentences cent is quadruplet this year, every constituent is 2, need sentence go eliminating, difficulty is opposite bigger. 3 minutes of this little problem bad.

- poetic word appreciate and name sentence renown piece write from memory

The interpreter asks examinee notices word word is fulfilled only partly, as far as possible metaphrase, assign a value with respect to what can receive this share.

What poetic word appreciate takes an examination of this year is Wang Wei " too sweet accumulate a temple " , the triplex poem that asks examinee finds out a poem of eight lines of this 5 character eye, this is an extracurricular poem, but want a student to note pair of poem terms at ordinary times only accumulate, answer rise also won't difficult.

triplex it is moonlight Leng Qingsong. "Cold " the word is this poetic eye, shine upon of crepuscular the setting sun is on fresh and green loose woods, let a person feel cold cool meaning, poet of whole poem expression lives in seclusion those who be in village is peaceful, halcyon.

Of check is last year " lose a surname " , check takes an examination of the understanding that gives birth to pair of commonly used literary quotation, now year criterion actually of check is the kongfu that examinee practices calligraphy to ancient poetry, to the understanding of a word in a poem, and its action in whole poem.
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