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Overcome exam insecurity to have idea
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Exam insecurity affects the play of intellectual level directly, affect examinee exam result directly. Introduce a few kinds of methods that overcome exam insecurity now, might as well try.

① deep breathing law: A quieter place searchs before taking an examination of, stand, the small hole is small shut, loosen all over, deep breathing, at the same time silent reads aloud " 1, 2, 3 " , the heart thinks: Loosen, loosen. Can make blood is decelerated circularly so, how does mind come down surely, have a kind of relaxed feeling all over.

② plays the part of mow law: Look for one a bit devious place to play the part of mow, crooked mouth twists a lip, carry nose strabismus, loosen facial muscle. If can face small glasses to see his eccentric manner, regular meeting ground of cannot help laughing gives out laugh, the thought of all be very worried about disappeared.

Way of ③ spirit victory: Think in the heart, I can succeed certainly, can develop certainly super- constant, study a good result. My take an examination ofing is bad, others also not up to much. Can reduce pressure instead, maintain common heart.

④ faces field activity standard: Because normal intense sentiment also can make much heat energy produces inside body, can be so before the exam activity of activity of in a way, make quantity of heat sends out. Can ambulate, trot, sway, kick a leg; Can both hands enclasp is unlocked again, let systemic muscle crimple be loosened again; Can twist the some place of body of one private parts forcibly in exam process. So intense sentiment is met swoon.

⑤ shuts eye repose law: Close eye, the tongue is touched on palate, classics bazoo is inspiratory, bring compose oneself feeling. Can imagine a person to go in peaceful forest, calm contented.

⑥ stares a law: Decide one is apart from further Anacreontic object, wirh fixed attention is analysed attentively, consider its color and distance.

Law of ⑦ caricature pastime: Can break up turn over work of hyperbole, droll a few cartoon, make the state of mind optimistic, mood is rising, hold superior move afresh, restore self-confident heart.

⑧ autosuggestion law: "I already had made sufficient preparation, won't take an examination of bad " , " the behavior that insecurity is craven " .

⑨ analogy law: "My exam is nervous, anybody exam is nervous. " might as well to this oneself not bat an eyelid.

⑩ couplet idea: When insecurity, think oneself once had done successful thing, the psychology when after-thought is successful experiences, such meetings feel very contented, eliminate insecurity thereby.

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