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09 states official explains subject new method: 6 kinds of color ponder over a l
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6 ponder over a cap is one operates simple course to relapse the thinking tool of test and verify, it gives a person with enthusiasm, courage and creativity, it is a kind of very economic problem solves tool and skill, can pass groom, practice and be applied daily and master adroitly.

This tool can help us in structured interview:

● increases constructive yield.

Circumstance of avery kind of of ● sufficient research and problem, creation exceeds groovy solution.

● is used " parallel " ponder over skill, replace antagonism model and perpendicular model ponder over a method, make us more comprehensive to the judgement of the problem, system.

Do 6 ponder over a cap why effective?

Anybody is capable to undertake the following function of 6 kinds of main thought, these 6 kinds of functions can use the cap of 6 color to make a figure of speech:

White hat: White is indifferent and objective. Representing fact and information. Neuter fact and data cap, handle the function of information;

Yellow cap: Yellow is very hopeful cap. Delegate and the openly viewpoint that accord with logically. Hopeful cap, identify the function of the positive factor of the thing;

Black hat: Black is cloudy color. Mean caution and critically. Careful cap, discover the function of the negative factor of the thing;

Redcap: Red is affective colour. Delegate feeling, intuition and premonition. Affection cap, form the function of viewpoint and feeling;

Green cap: Green is vernal colour. It is the color of originality. The cap of creativity, creation solves the function of the method of the problem and train of thought;

Blue cap: Blue is celestial color, envelop all around. Controlling the whole process of the thing. Direct cap, direct other cap, run whole thinking course.

But we often do not know to should wear which hat, affected us the analysis to the thing and judgement.

"6 ponder over a cap " the different respect that thinking method makes we will think is apart, such, we are OK and ordinal give enough attention and sufficient consideration to the different flank of the problem. Resemble chromatic printer, decompose all sorts of color primary color first, print every kinds of primary color next go up in same paper, meet those who get color print a result. Manage together, we undertake decomposing to thinking mode, undertake reflection to same thing according to mode of thinking of avery kind of next, get finally all-around " color " think.

6 ponder over the application of the cap

The biggest error that ponders over cap understanding to 6 is mere divide thinking into 6 different color, but the person that the applied key that ponders over a cap to 6 actually depends on using is used why to plant the order that kind goes arranging a cap, organize reflection flow namely. Mastered only how to braid the flow that think, ability says was master 6 applied methods that ponder over a cap truly, often can let people feels this tool and be used falsely otherwise. And the cap is sequential the work out is passed only reading is to achieve ideal result hard.
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