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Of examinee of end of the university entrance exam reviewed a data to become swe
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The university entrance exam just ended, the study data of a few examinee is booked one sky. These students are read mostly at key middle school, achievement is outstanding. The data of a student already had 3 to learn younger brother to learn younger sister even queueing up to make an appointment.
To this kind of phenomenon, the teacher reminds: The data of other school can serve as only auxiliary, at ordinary times even with this school coach material is given priority to.
A data learns younger brother 4 times to learn younger sister to book
A surname lady lives in ferry peaceful new residential quarter 3. These two days, in often relatives and friends reachs her home " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures " . Her daughter Liu Li is Fuzhou one in tall the student of 3, just attend the university entrance exam. Relatives and friends people it is to enquire exam circumstance of Xiaoliu is mixed enter oneself for an examination direction, 2 it is to want the school in review a data.
"Before the university entrance exam, a colleague calls to book daughter school to me in coach material. The child of that colleague goes up in another school second year in high school, next semester are graduation class, after hoping my daughter is taken an examination of can tall the classroom note of 3 phase, exercise and the child that all sorts of examination paper lend her. " a surname lady says.
9 days, the relative that has the second year in high school on a child again comes to those who want Xiaoliu review a data, a surname lady was forced to reject that kin. After this, again a few parents look for what a surname lady wants Xiaoliu to review a data, still have even Gao Yixue is born and first the parent of 3 students.
"Now, even her (point to Xiaoliu) the classroom of phase of Gao Yihe second year in high school takes notes and examination paper also was booked. I tell that colleague that lends daughter Gao Sanfu review material, wait for her child the university entrance exam to be over still must give me the data, because still have two people,queueing up. " a surname lady says.
Liu Li tells a reporter, she last year also ever to old attached middle school of division of a Fujian learn to grow borrow exorbitant 3 review a data. "Tall 3 when, a lot of classmates on the class feel to do him school only coach the data is insufficient, the range that hit a problem is not quite wide, go borrowing in succession fasten the data of school. " she says.
The teacher reminds: Even with this school coach material is given priority to
As we have learned, annual the university entrance exam, medium after taking an examination of, of seniors of many key middle school reviewed a data to become sweet pastry, the study data of a few outstanding students has several to learn younger brother to learn younger sister even " pass round for perusal " .
To this kind of phenomenon, the reporter sought advice from Fuzhou 3 in Gao Sannian paragraph a few teachers.
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