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How had done read a title
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Read a problem to regard Chinese as the main component of examination questions, it is especially in the university entrance exam, its tall difficulty, low notch and the practice that extremely strong subjective sex already was the university entrance exam of calendar year Chinese is proved. I feel to want those who raise Chinese to read savvy to need to notice the following in read:
The first, hold with information whole opportunely

Reading process itself is the course that gets information, the on any account that reads quality depends on how many what take news. The content such as the annotate after time of the author of the article, writing and article can read first when becoming a problem, should browse particularly at the same time from the back asked what question, from inside thematic option estimate gives an implied meaning probably what is gist. If be a novel, want subject its character, clue, if be argumentative writing, should emphasize hold the element such as argument, argument, argumentation. After the main writing intention that understands an author again whole holds full text, inscribe to solution also with respect to know fairly well.
The 2nd, draw the outline of of affirmatory area punctuate
Read big Duan Wenzhang to basically use the method of con, need deliberate of word for word to fathom, reason practices wanting the nurturance punctuate draw the outline of, habit that makes mark more at ordinary times, can see a title be involved first in article what paragraph or area, the statement is concerned with what. After area of affirmatory some answering question, again careful lane knows this paragraph of each meaning, manage then the relation between clear paragraph, understand train of thought of style or manner of writing. Had this one habit to form more powerful analysis likely integrated ability. When reading, consider the problem works repeatedly, the circle is drawn to it relevant content, do not need to be searched for to end from the beginning again when answering question, can save many valuable time.
The 3rd, the attention is picked take textual
Left raw material to be afraid everybody answers forbid, answer not complete. Accordingly, accurate solve it is the most important to read a title the most effective method is to be in textual in seek the solution. Most title is in the article can " of " dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed gives the answer. Of course, the statement that find out can be not used directly certainly, still need fibrous root asks to undertake machining according to the title, or pick take a term or reduce main force or draw-out point or reorganize. Even if Baconian and wraparound paragraphs of whole whole article meaning also must make full use of textual.
A bit is many classmate ABC memory capacity that notices even in read is stronger, but migratory ability is weaker, be opposite especially concerned word, word, sentence words condition justice and the title of action and so on feels embarrassed. Here, the method solving a problem that supplies 16 words part consults for you.
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