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Second year in high school should learn so
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Second year in high school is the crucial period of high school study, not only curricular task is heavy, and deciding a student greatly the development direction henceforth, and whether the university that takes an examination of ideal. Having the teacher of rich teaching experience, award second year in high school to learn skill of scientific be used to each to big handed down from the older generations of the family, the hope masters good study to student of second year in high school method, raise study efficiency to be helped somewhat.
[Chinese] combine outline, pay attention to accumulate
Li Yuefeng (division of Chinese of group leader of teaching and research group of Chinese of difficult An Yizhong, second year in high school prepares lessons group group leader)
Make clear education content and requirement
" education outline " high school Chinese " education content and requirement " cent is read, the part such as intercourse of writing, spoken language and omnibus study.
These ability targets are to be in what high school finishs in study of 3 years, and second year in high school reviews in Gao Yixue the continuity on the foundation is mixed just about outspread, it is the further progress of ability. Because this needs us to be strengthened further,read, expand read a cover, reading comprehend again, promote oneself read capability.
These texts want essence of life to grind fine read
Specific the study content to the 3rd and method, the view of my individual is, "Classical Chinese article is read " part, choose two unit that make up 8 texts are to want essence of life to grind fine read, this is to form the premise that reads capability, the classical Chinese knowledge that the article designs, if connect false word, Gu Jin different justice, one word is much justice. Parts of words is used alive. Special a type and secure a type to want to undertake below the teacher's guidance classify is mixed accumulate. Feeling of classical Chinese language is to want what chant ability forms to relapse likewise, want perusal text and even recital consequently, such ability hopeful form a kind of ability, migratory to outside reading, achieve " comprehend by analogy " the effect. " chrestomathy " choosing the article that write is teaching material is auxiliary, it is to examine the very good model for painting that oneself reads capability. Want to be read seriously, walk into the affection world of the ancients, comprehend the humanitarian feelings of the ancients.
With respect to poetry appreciate character, want to hold Chinese poetry feature. Chinese poetry, pay attention to the activate of artistic conception, exquisite through image combination shows life view, communicate aesthetic experience of the poet thereby. Read a poem consequently, holding image is very crucial, held image, can hold artistic conception. Want to be below pedagogic guidance, master the elementary main points that reads a poem, be familiar with the expressional skill of poetry, achieve the goal of appreciate thereby, and all these is to want to be accumulated through be being read in great quantities and turn over iteration to read likewise. The meticulous control that what ability obtains. Little imagine " perusal Tang poetry 300, won't make a poem also be met chant " , this speaks the value that returns iteration to read and necessity. Chant is the foundation that reads a poem; Read a poem and cannot recite be equal to do not read. Can recite, sure comprehend somewhat.
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