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Apply connection law to learn high school geography
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Current, the modern society that we face is a knowledge renews the period that rapid spread increases splitting, knowledge. These characteristics, as the arrival of 21 centuries, can behave more outstandingly and remarkable. In " face future " below the requirement, the student relies on mechanical memorizing to learn merely, cannot get used to a times to develop, and, knowledge of course of as actual as production, life etc contacts geographical knowledge close, knowledge must master in connection, ability learns solidly agile. Accordingly, in learning a process, want to abound knowledge to lay in ceaselessly on one hand, enlarge intellectual domain, want to notice to be contacted integratedly again on the other hand, apply neatly, ability makes train of thought expedite, draw inferences about other cases from one instance. This that is to say, want to be contacted through knowledge in brains, build thinking clew, those who make knowledge is not isolated existence is individual, facilitating achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, amplify is migratory, can think from many sided, the span look for that transcends space and time shows the concern that concealed goes in the problem. The way that enhances intellectual connection has: Fore-and-aft connection, transverse connection, much reach the method such as fictitious sex speculation to connection, converse thinking. Look from fore-and-aft connection of knowledge, it is to show the edge is particular train of thought makes knowledge to fore-and-aft and outspread development, master the connection of partial knowledge thereby.

Press geographical knowledge system be contacted early or late orderly. Like geological action -- outside force action -- efflorescent, erode, carry, deposit, solid forms cliff action. In a lot of local ken, also have fore-and-aft train of thought reflect, be like from the top down, from often wait to new terrane change.

By time development evolution has from old to new or thoughout the history intellectual connection, be like the evolution on animal history: The organism of similar protein -- monad -- multicellular organism -- invertebrate -- vertebrate -- amphibious kind animal -- reptile -- mammalian -- the mankind. The different level that by geographical thing development evolves into or administrative levels have by shallow into deep or by primary to advanced connection. Be like industrial development, from handicraft industry -- the revolution of first time technology that is a mark with the invention of steamer -- the revolution of the 2nd technology that indicates with electric melt into -- the development with microelectronics technology and its apply the revolution of the 3rd technology that is main mark generally to wait, of these geographical things evolve, in the fore-and-aft connection of development, existing again on each phase or administrative levels much to or transverse connection.

The around that the athletic change process by geographical thing advances stage by stage is contacted. If empty air-water makes the same score the source that motion generates: The sun heats to each latitude not all -- the perpendicular motion that cause close ground air or rise or falls -- cause difference of density of same horizontal air -- difference of same horizontal atmospheric pressure -- force of gradient of horizontal atmospheric pressure -- air standard moves. The space of the dot that exists by geographical thing, line, face, body distributings mirrorred by reach nearly far, by only then to eventually fore-and-aft connection, be like region of the industrial base in learning industry to distributing, industry, the city is much, easy and promiscuous, city of a few centers must be held in the graph, edge railroad, or river, or coasting can make fore-and-aft connection, make the connection between geographical thing develops along certain thinking clew, facilitating understanding its space distributings to be contacted with the space, also strengthened memory.
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