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The happy event of undergraduate family education and care
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The happy event of undergraduate family education and care - say natively to present university, tuition is taller and taller, all sorts of expenses are larger and larger, then, they walk out of campus in succession, seek a chore, and family education is undergraduates most a job that like. So, does the undergraduate do family education to you can achieve the requirement of parents? What situation can the undergraduate encounter again when husband teachs? Recently, the reporter undertook interviewing at this point.

Should earn money more want dignity

"There are oneself to earn money to go to school for oneself when just entering the school greatly, because of the home in really not bounteous. " those who come from Nanyang to press down smooth county country is big 2 students Xiaosong tells a reporter, "In the home can give out every year thousands of yuan tuition has been to go all lengths, oneself should learn to work earn money feed oneself. " then, small Song Xiangxue elder brother, like learning elder sister, on the footpath that stands around the school, place on one to write have " family education " brand, oneself promote oneself. The first student of Xiaosong is one tall one schoolgirl, its father is a privately owned boss that has actual strength quite, live in in king village. Go for the first time in student home, goodwife came to Xiaosong " severity hsown by an official on assuming post " , although male host saw Xiaosong's a pressing need in time, dan Xiaosong feels very awkward. After this, small Song You went twice, when talking with goodwife, she always shows commanding attitude, asing if is Xiaosong's savior. Although income is good, xiaosong or demit dropped this family education. Xiaosong says: "I feel, student parent must respect me, can communicate each other with me, understand each other between each other, I won't go to the parent that does not respect me his home makes teaching in home. I won't go to the parent that does not respect me his home makes teaching in home..

Not be no good on achievement

Reading big the Xiaozhang of English department student of 3 has made teaching in home, but end in failure. He is to pass school teacher to introduce ability to had made teaching in home, student parent is the teacher's acquaintance, the student is to just went up first the boy of one, small Zhang Yaofu guides each his homework. Understanding is not quite good in the achievement on the class to the boy, xiaozhang basically tells some of ABC, basically be be in the school according to the boy the curricular plan in, help him review, check leakage fill a vacancy. Small Zhang Jiao gets him very endeavored, but do not know how to return a responsibility, the achievement of the student when final is degenerative instead! Though what didn't the parent blame, but him Xiaozhang still feels embarrassed to be in charge again taught. Xiaozhang tells a reporter: "Although say education is on one hand, the student is accepted is additional one and the same, but look at his achievement, do not hang really on him face, the feeling took family so much in vain money. The feeling took family so much in vain money..
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