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The parent likes teacher of beautiful family education
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Carry photograph of sexual distinction, be expected to rise, by major, although just be children to choose teaching in home of summer vacation time, but the parent is increasing however to applying for the undergraduate's requirement, the author visited center of a few family education to understand a few days ago, the undergraduate does family education to must accept more and more inspecting project.

"The parent's requirement is true now it is one day comparing a day tall, when we are recieved, do not know how to should reply. " when controller of center of a family education accepts the author to interview, express, parent requirement already was common phenomenon more, have more very person, even if student " to apply for a job " successful, salary of the family education that get also is asked to follow child mark couple by the parent.

Phenomenon one: Female undergraduate takes sexual advantage

What be taught without giving thought to is schoolboy or schoolgirl, the parent asks to recruit female undergraduate husband to teach mostly. The author interviews understanding to arrive in center of a few family education, be booked early compared with the schoolgirl, the schoolboy is very difficult however by " promote " go out. The parent of schoolgirl of most junior high school is in body and mind to develop special period considering him child, pay close attention to teacher sexual distinction all the more so, appointing teacher of requirement family education must be a schoolgirl. And if seek male teacher,the parent of a few schoolboys also worries, schoolboy and schoolboy are together easy amuse oneself delays study, also can favore careful woman student so.

Nevertheless, the author also encounters demonstrate of a parent to ask the bridegroom's or husband's family teachs a teacher, "The school is female teacher more, the gas of the Yang Gang that hopes to rear the child " . China division aids central director Wang Jun frequently to say greatly, "Although respective consideration is not same, but sexual element already was labelled to need option looks by a lot of parents. But sexual element already was labelled to need option looks by a lot of parents..

Phenomenon 2: Carry family education teacher to want look of be expected to rise

"Parent requirement: Big 3, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, schoolgirl, long comely, long hair, best curl having a place " , the author discovered the family education message with a such slashing requirements in center of some family education. And the author is interviewed be informed, a lot of family education centers had received similar requirement of the parent. Face such family education demand, the controller of center of each family education represents have no other way. Object of this kind of family education has a plenty of the children before school age, the child that the parent mirrors him faces beautiful teacher to have fun at quite study, the effect of study also is met better.
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